The NGO, Research Action in Development and Environment (RADE ONG) is at the same time an organization with national, regional and international vocation. It is created in the Republic of Benin and governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and the decree of 16 August 1901. RADE ONG is a non-profit organization, of public interest, which does not report to the State, nor to international institutions. Its motto is: Integrity, Efficiency and Excellence (2IE).


RADE ONG aims to contribute to: - protect the environment and the fundamental balances of the biosphere: biodiversity, landscapes, forests, natural spaces, water, air, soils and living environment in a perspective of sustainable development by the proposal and the establishment of appropriate environmental management and protection mechanisms - combat all forms of pollution and nuisances and denounce practices and abuses harmful to health and the environment; - promote human rights to the environment, health, water and sanitation and renewable energies; - promote original initiatives for local and sustainable development.


RADE ONG's mission is to contribute to solving the environmental problems that are affecting the living environment, human health and ecological processes in Benin, Africa and the world.



Respect for the environment is above all the defense of ecosystems, composed by a multitude of organisms. It is imperative to adopt an ecological approach to understand the balance of the relationship between man and nature, to love and protect it.

Our areas of expertise and services

Land-use planning and sustainable urban planning

The concept of sustainable development has emerged as a new imperative for urban and metropolitan public action, thus affecting the concepts and practices of spatial planning and urban planning.

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Education for Ecocitizenship and Sustainable Development, Sustainable Local Development

In the perspective of an energy transition, the citizens of tomorrow need to be trained and educated to save energy. Citizenship education concerns all audiences, and should be given special attention.

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Climate Change: Best Approaches to Turning Commitment into Action, Ecological Transition Renewable Energy

No one is unaware of the problem of climate change. Many of us can perceive its effects. The future of the planet in the face of climate change is now based on urgent mobilization. We must act together, quickly and radically. Many companies, partly responsible for the problem, are already doing something. One of the great hopes of the fight this change is the development of renewable energies, using the force of wind, sun and tides.

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Management, recycling and recovery of waste

Valuing the maximum potential contained in waste, in a logic of circular economy, to support sustainable development and reach virtually zero waste.

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Environmental Expertise and Engineering, Environmental Control and Quality, Atmosphere Surface Interaction Modeling

Determining the impact of a project on the environment, monitoring the quality of water, soil and air, rationalizing and changing the use of energy, managing and recovering waste efficiently, these are the possible applications in this frame.

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Integrated Water Resources Management, Wastewater Management and Treatment

Water is closely linked to health, agriculture, energy and biodiversity. Without progress in the field of water, it will be difficult or impossible to reach the other Millennium Development Goals. In the face of the combined pressures of accelerated demand growth and the continuing deterioration of water quality, past management models are no longer sufficient for the task; it is now necessary to break out of the technological illusion and rethink in depth the approaches that will make it possible to satisfy the needs of man while maintaining the quality of the natural systems that support the very existence of the human community.

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